Character Name
SpeciesMana Spirit
Day of birth13/06/1992
Roleplay Information
Name Aura
GenreFantasy, life, drama


The Basics Edit

  • Hair: Blond
  • Eyes: Blue
  • (for more info see the picture)

The Details / Identifying features Edit

Always wears a ribbon in her hair

Inventory Edit

Clothes / Armor Edit

  • mostly wears dresses
  • has a chainmail underneath her clothing

Weapons Edit

  • over sized squeky hammer
  • huge amount of plush animals that have weapons hidden in them
Bear Bomb
Bunny Dagger
Cat Iron claw
Dog Gun
Panda holy water
cheese-kun pizza slicer

Extra Edit

  • none at this time

Personality Edit

General Edit

overly friendly to everything, and way to innocent to understand some things

Overall Likes Edit

candy, snow, mommy, chii, computers, souls

Overall Dislikes Edit

Blood, sweat, tears, other girls of her age, boy of her age, males that hit on her mommy (not females for some reason)

Family Edit

Marital Status Edit


Members Edit

Mom: Serinety

Skills and Weaknesses Edit

Physical Strengths Edit

  • agile

Skills and Education Edit

  • light magic
  • shadow magic
Body skills
  • healing
  • was tought how to cook by her mommy
  • was dropped of in a forest by her mom to learn how to survive

Weaknesses Edit

  • loves her mommy VERY VERY much

History Edit


nani nani dajo~?

Current status Edit

Lifing happely with her mother

OOC Information Edit

  • Name: Private
  • Roleplay Wiki Name: Aura
  • E-mail: Even more private
  • Instant Messages:

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