Character Name
NameBlaze Souls
typeTwin Guns
Roleplay Information
Owner Serene

Appearance Edit

The Basics Edit

A pair a twin gunblades, though only in their orginal shape do they actually have a dagger/blade attached

  • color: Black and red (in picture replace white with black and grey with red)
  • Length: 30 cm / 11.8 inch

Strengths and Specials Edit

Physical Strengths Edit

Laser pointer for extra accuracy (with exception of quad shot attachment)

Ammo typesEdit

  • Armor peircing
  • Explosive rounds
  • Dummy rounds (rubber bullets meant to stun/disable)
  • Tracer rounds (These leave a very high heat signature)
  • Flare rounds (These bullets shine very bright after beeing shot and easily bounce of hard objects, once ignited the have a slow decent)
  • Jump rounds (these bullets bounce off of hard objects and will only penatrate cloth and flesh)

Special Strength Edit

  • Dagger/Blade Attachment
In this mode the Blaze Souls posses a dagger at the front end that can extend out further with the use of the secondary trigger, and stays at this lenght only as long as the trigger is held, with trigger fully pressed the blade reaches upto 2 meters/6.55 feet.
  • Quadshot Attachment
The quadshot is a rapidfire attachment which shoot small hollow-tip rounds at high speed, but due to size and rapid speed they arent very accurate, the hollow-tips are meant to rip up anything they hit
  • Subshot
The subshot can fire several types of shots
  • Shotgun rounds
  • Small grenades (explosives, smoke, flashbang)
  • a utility orb, carring stuff like small balls, oil, gasoline, etc