LR CE-966
Weapon's data
NameDevils Perception A.K.A Blood Bath Killer
Type Blood Killer Sword
Element Fire, Darkness
State Destroys other by a sniff of their blood
Roleplay Information
Place of use [Somewhere in chatango]
Genre Fantasy
Type Chat


The BasicsEdit

  • color its blade is dark red color with a Skull on the plate of it.
  • Form it has upraded to other different sword figures.

The Details / Identifying featuresEdit

  • The sword was made unknown. His father wield this sword and gave it to him.

Strengths and SpecialsEdit

Physical StrengthsEdit

It only figures its forms by changing. it can change to different kinds of swords as an Upgrade to Devils Avengence, Demons Slitter, to Devil-X and Demon Destroyer E-X.

Special StrengthsEdit

The sword only attacks when someones blood drips on its blade. when it does its eyes will glow either red or black. if it glows red it means its ready to hunt for the someone who dripped their own blood. when it turns to darkness it will decide on its own.


Devils Avengence




Demon Slitter


Demon Destroyer E-X



Your weapon's origin.

Current statusEdit

Current status.


  • Name:Kyoshi Kinomara
  • Location:Netherealm

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