Character Name
SpeciesEarth Demon spirit
Clan/CrewDimensional Realm of Ragnarok
Agelooks 21
Roleplay Information
Name Chatango
GenreFantasy and Anime

Appearance Edit

The Basics Edit

Short description of characters appearance

  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Blue (Green when Shikongan is active)
  • Build: Slightly muscular
  • Height: 5'8 feet
  • Weight: 94 Kilograms

The Details / Identifying features Edit

Black moon mark on back and Mouths on his palms and chest

Inventory Edit

Clothes / ArmorEdit

  • Black Cloak with green clouds on it
  • Akatsuki pants, Sandals, etc.)

Weapons Edit

  • Exploding Clay (normal)
  • Exploding Cyanide Clay (highly explosive and toxic)
  • Black Miasma Mud Sea

Extra Edit

  • Carries Pouches and containers for clay

Personality Edit

General Edit

Artistic, short-tempered, funny, random. greedy, money and art-obssessed

Overall LikesEdit

  • Art
  • Clay
  • His form of Art

Overall Dislikes Edit

  • People who diss or make fun of his art

Family Edit

Marital Status Edit

He's single and looking

Members Edit

Father: Kronos

Siblings: other incarnations

Abilities and Weaknesses Edit


  • Able to make clay spiders, crickets, birds and snakes
  • Black Miasma mud Sea
  • Able to Steal people's hearts
  • Earth Manipulation
  • Total of six hearts
  • Cyanide Exploding clay
  • C0-C7 Explosive power
  • Necromancy Earth Art

Weaknesses Edit

  • His Earth attacks are weak against Lightning

History Edit

Childhood Edit



He used to cause havoc for the akatsuki.

Current status Edit

He works for Ragnarok now.

OOC Information Edit

  • Name: not tellin hmm...
  • Roleplay Wiki Name: Deikuzu
  • E-mail: ?
  • Instant Messages: ?