Character Name


typeNatural weapon
StateBlood bound
Roleplay Information
( and other places)

Appearance Edit

The Basics Edit

  • Color: gray and black
  • Form: First form is a quarterstaff, second form are dual blades.
  • Length: 25 in
  • Weight: 5 lb

The Details / Identifying features Edit

  • No one can steal or touch the weapon because it will shock them or push them away.

Strengths and Specials Edit

Physical Strengths Edit

  • Can destroy anything

Special Strengths   Edit

  • Can be changed into a staff or dual wielded swords

History Edit

Creation Edit

A gift from his brother because whenever he tried to use normal weapons he would end up breaking them due to his monstrous strength.

Current status Edit

Being used as a walking stick

Owner? Edit

  • Name: Eon Fukkatsu
  • Location: Being held by the wielder.

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