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Character Name
Roleplay Information
Name Dem (play on words from old war tittle)
Genreany (not romance)

Appearance Edit

The Basics Edit

Describe what your weapon looks like. You can also use the following.

  • color: metalic sislver
  • Form: magnum
  • Length: 13 inches long
  • Weight: 5 pounds

The Details / Identifying features Edit

  • willl never break
  • infused with my soul
  • can kill anything
  • outer layer of silver

Strengths and Specials Edit

Physical Strengths Edit

its a 57' calibur magnum! that kickass enough

Special Strengths Edit

can be used with any type of shell

capable of killing anything

History Edit

Creation Edit

it is master crafted

in fused with a part of my soul

will never break so long as i have the will to fight

Current status Edit


it is still in perfect condition

Owner? Edit

  • Name: Dem
  • Location: where ever i am

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