Character Name
SpeciesHyper-dimensional Demon
Clan/CrewDimensional Realm of Ragnarok (publicly)
AgeLooks 15 (Deceased)
Roleplay Information
Name Chatango

Appearance Edit

The Basics Edit

  • Hair: White (Blond in other form)
  • Eyes: Red with no pupils (green-blue in other form and violet when Shikongan is active)
  • Build: Average
  • Height: 5'9 feet
  • Weight: 72 kilograms

The Details / Identifying features Edit

She wears green beaded earrings

Inventory Edit

Clothes / Armor Edit

  • She wears a multi-colored Kimono
  • sometimes wear a Black Kimono with white clouds

Weapons Edit

  • Fan of the Tempest (bigger fan)
  • Fan of the Storm (smaller fan)

Extra Edit

Personality Edit

General Edit

Slightly Arrogant, distant, somewhat violent

Overall Likes Edit

  • Dancing
  • The Wind
  • having time to herself
  • Flying
  • Mikos (Her love interest)

Overall Dislikes Edit

  • Kronos
  • being bossed around
  • Angel
  • being trapped

Family Edit

Marital Status Edit

She's Single and likes Mikos

Members Edit

Father: Kronos Lumeris

Siblings: The other incarnations

Skills and Weaknesses Edit


  • Wind Scythe
  • Shikongan
  • Able to control Dead/soulless bodies
  • immunity to wind attacks
  • Summoning: Spirit-eating Phantasm Serpents
  • Bloody Howling Wind (Miasma Virus infused wind)
  • Able to fly with one of her hair feathers
  • Dance of the Blades
  • Dance of the Dragon
  • Dance of the Tempest

Weaknesses Edit

  • Kronos holds her Heart

History Edit

Childhood Edit

She has no childhood.


This is unknown

Current status Edit

She is serving Kronos as a Colonel in Ragnarok

OOC Information Edit

  • Name: Victoria Strong
  • Roleplay Wiki Name: Kamari
  • E-mail: secret
  • Instant Messages: ?