Character Name
SpeciesArtificial Humanoid
AgePhysically 6-10 (biologically 4)
Roleplay Information
Name ?

Appearance Edit

The Basics Edit

Short description of characters appearance

  • Hair: Sliverish-white long hair in twintails
  • Eyes: empty blood red (Dark Violet when Shikongan is active)
  • Build: small
  • Height: 3'8 feet
  • Weight: 54 pounds

The Details / Identifying features Edit

She has the crest of her father on her chest

Inventory Edit

Clothes / Armor Edit

  • White, frilly lotita dress like in picture
  • Carries a black Parasol

Weapons Edit

  • Magical black doll, not given a name

Extra Edit

  • Has white flowers in her hair

Personality Edit

General Edit

She is Emotionless, inexpressive, silent, dead-like, and is extremely obedient to Kronos, refering to him as "Father". She acts like a yandere when around him.

Overall Likes Edit

  • fulfilling her father's wishes
  • being with her father
  • making dolls
  • anything her father likes

Overall Dislikes Edit

  • anything that Kronos doesn't like
  • Kronos' enemies
  • failure
  • others around her father

Family Edit

Marital Status Edit

She is Single and not looking

Members Edit

  • Father: Kronos Lumeris
  • Siblings: Ryosuke Miyazaki

Abilities and Weaknesses Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Interverted world
  • Reflective Barrier
  • Voodoo Curse
  • Miasma Virus
  • Shikongan
  • Able to control demons
  • her body is only filled with Liquid Miasma instead of blood
  • has no aura, smell, and able to move without a soul
  • Able to Instantly Vanish and go intangible

Weaknesses Edit

  • Not at all good for combat.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

She was created artificially by Kronos to do his bidding.

Current status Edit

She works as Kronos' spy within the NOL. Her job is to observe battles of others to record their abilities and pinpoint their weaknesses.

OOC Information Edit

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  • Roleplay Wiki Name: Kanayu
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