Leek Sword
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Appearance Edit

The Basics Edit

  • color:
  1. Tsuka/ tsuka Ito - Dark Grey
  2. Kashira - Bronze
  3. Tsuba - Dark Grey
  4. Habaki - Black
  5. Shinogi / Ha / Hi / Mune / Boshi - White to Green
  • Form: Odachi

The Details / Identifying features Edit

  • Some kind of special metal (origins unknown) that's painted to resemble a leek.
  • Blade length: 49"
    Handle length: 17 1/4"
    Overall length: 67"
    Weight: 6lb 1oz
    Point of Balance: 11"
    Width at Guard: 1 1/2"
    Width at Tip: 1 1/8"
    Thickness at Guard: 3/8"
    Thickness at Tip: 1/4"
    Sori: 2 1/4"

Strengths and Specials Edit

Physical Strengths Edit

The length of Kanna allows it's user's reach to extent farther then the normal katana.

Special Strengths Edit

Like the stalks of a leek, Kanna has the ability to split its blade into many blades, but all are connected at the bottom (White section of the blade). When the blade brakes, like a plant, it has the ability to grow/ repair itself, but only when in contact with a light source. Also like a plant, it has the ability to grow in length and move like vines.

History Edit

Creation Edit

Unknown, althougth rumors have been made that it might have been one of Toyo-Uke-Bime's (Goddess of Earth, Food, & Agriculture) cooking knives.



Current status Edit

Most of the time intact, unless if its missing some part because someone was hungry.

Owner? Edit

  • Name: Iilys
  • Location: Somewhere