AnimeVampireBoyBlond (1)

Normal Form

Pretty MuchEdit

What he looks like normally.

  • Age: 18 Year Old
  • Hair: Blonde when normal, Black when Vampire takes over.
  • Eyes: Red when normal, Bluish White when Vampire takes over.
  • Height: 6'1"/ 183cm
  • Weight: 150lbs/ 68.18 kilos
  • Fangs: Usually small, but when Vampire takes over they can reach up to 4 inches.


Ninja Secret Futuristic Stealth Sword

BloodStream Normal Form


BloodStream: Black blade that, when stabbed into the enemy, it drains them of their blood, altering it and it's shape making it stronger.


Final Form BloodStream


Dual Shadow Daggers: Two daggers on his back, rarely used.

Blade Of Sorrow: Main blade used when in fights. One slice can tear a persons emotions apart.


Normal ModeEdit

He wears a Redish Brown suit, with a white shirt underneath. He

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