Minerva Normal

Character Name
typeHoly Sword of Wisdom/Justice of War
ElementDivine (Holy) / Soul

Appearance Edit

The Basics Edit

Describe what your weapon looks like. You can also use the following.

  • color: Black Silver (the patterns on the sword shine with pure white light. The more focused Aria is, the brighter the shine)
  • Form: (see picture)
  • Length: Around 3 feet
  • Weight: Light as a feather when wield by Aria, but impossible for someone else to lift (soul bound) no matter how hard they try.

The Details / Identifying features Edit

  • Made by unknown material.
  • Made by a goddess, unbreakable.
  • Minerva is actually a fragment of it's namesake's spear tip.

Strengths and Specials Edit

Physical Strengths Edit

Minerva Normal: Including strength of Aria's swinging/ stabbing strength and the weight of the sword, can send a charging animal (ex. bear, rhino, elephant. etc) flying a few meters. (or panda, but no. Pandas are too cute :3)

Moderate Speed

Special Strengths Edit

Minerva has the ability to change forms: Normal, Saber, Archer, Lancer, and Caster. (All of the forms have the same pattern as the Normal form)

Minerva Saber: Looks like a black fencing saber. Incredible speed, but low power. good maneuverability. No Magic.

Minerva Archer: Black Bow, Long Ranged, Incredible Speed, moderate power, Excellent maneuverabilty. Accuracy Magic.

Minerva Lancer: Black Lance, Lower Speed, Incredible Power, Low maneuverability. No Magic.

Minerva Caster: Black arm guards that go up to shoulders. Gives Aria the ability to cast magic herself. Weak Offensive power, strong Defensive, Excellent support/ healing ability.


5 Minervas

Minerva also has the ability to magically make up to 5 copies of itself at the will of Aria.

History Edit

Creation Edit

Unknown Location, but made by the goddess Minerva.

Current status Edit

By Aria's Side. Always.

Owner? Edit

  • Name: Iilys
  • Location: