Unknown Gate
Character Name
NameRyosuke Miyazaki
Age 18
Roleplay Information
Name Chatango

Appearance Edit

The Basics Edit

Short description of characters appearance

  • Hair: Long, white hair
  • Eyes: Crimson
  • Build: slightly muscular
  • Height: ?
  • Weight: ?

The Details / Identifying features Edit


Inventory Edit

Clothes / Armor Edit

  • A Black kimono top
  • Cyan obi belt
  • Gray old shroud over his clothing
  • Dark blue hakama pants
  • Black sandals
  • Dark headband

Weapons Edit

  • Gurenken Abyssion (Blazor Edge Abyssion)
  • Reiken Mercurius (Soul Blade Mercurius)

Extra Edit

  • Crest of his father on his forehead

Personality Edit

General Edit

He acts serious most of the time. He's also rebellious, distant, introverted, and vengeful.

Overall Likes Edit

  • His alone time
  • Scented candles
  • Collecting different types of swords
  • Doing things at night

Overall Dislikes Edit

  • His Parents
  • His whole life

Family Edit

Marital Status Edit

He's single but not looking.

Members Edit

Adoptive Father: Kronos Lumeris

Adoptive Mother: Unknown

Skills and Weaknesses Edit

Powers and Skills

  • Akumugan (Nightmare eye)
  • Body Revival Technique
  • Art of the Hana (art of the flower)
  • Eternal Ice (Frigid death pulse)

Weaknesses Edit

  • He's overly stubborn

History Edit

Childhood Edit

He's an orphan used as a guinea pig for his parents' experiments to discover hidden powers removed by mankind. He's lived a living hell, being forced to do their bidding before running away at the age of 13.

Current StatusEdit

He travels through time to hunt down his parents and kill them to avoid his many years of pain.

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