The Blades of Axia
NameThe blades of Axia
typeMystic arm blades

Appearance Edit

The Basics Edit

Rolling winds Edit

Color: Silver
Length: 1.5 meters
Weight: 10 kilograms

Roaring ThunderEdit

Color: Black
Lenght: 66 centimete
Weight: 12 kilograms

Strengths and Specials Edit

The blades differe in usage Rolling winds is created to slash and cut.
Roaring thunder to block and cast magic.

Physical StrengthsEdit

Rolling is sharp, and light (compaired to roaring).

Roaring is thicker, stronger and heavier.

Special Strengths Edit

Both blades constantly take energy from their wielder, thus becoming an extesion of the user allowing him/her to "feel" the swords

Even though Rolling winds and Roaring thunder are two seperate blades they have to abilety to fuse together, when they do they form a broadsword of aproximetly 1,75 meters. this form in know as Axia's true blade. it posses the abilety as before to assemble engery but can no longer be used to cast ranged magic due to the fact that it doesnt realease the engery it takes in, this energy only comes free if they are split again.

History Edit

Creation Edit

The two blades were original created by Axia (thus their names)

Rolling winds was made from the holy metal Seraphium, making it extra sharp and cutting trough the layers of existance.

Roaring thunder was made for another holy metal named Elembrium, allowing it to mix with mana/energy at an amazing level.

Owner Edit